Perceived Rate of Effort for aerobic workouts

The Perceived Rate of Effort (PRE) scale. Some people find it difficult to judge which ‘zones’ they should be working out at when doing their aerobic work.
Why do zones matter? It is important to stay in the correct zone in order to hit the ‘fat burning zone’, ‘aerobic development zone’ or even ‘anaerobic zone’.
The Perceived Rate of Effort (PRE) scale is a good self monitoring tool to determine which zone you are working out in and if this is an effective zone for what you want to achieve.
The scale runs from 0-10 points. Zero is no effort at all and ten is a very, very heavy effort not sustainable for more than a few seconds. Most people want to stay around the moderate RPE zones of three to four.
Have a look at the scale and see what your work outs feel like:
0 – Nothing at all
0.5 – Just noticeable
1 – Very light
2 – Light
3 – Moderate
4 – Somewhat heavy
5 – Heavy
7 – Very heavy
10 – Very, very heavy
As per always if you need a sports massage to sort your tight muscles out or have a niggle that is annoying you or stopping you moving properly. Pop in we are good at sorting these out!

Happy training!

The Physiotherapy Centre Team