When to ice

When to ice – some new developments…

Once in a while the old paradigms are overhauled and seasoned clinicians are challenged! This is what happened to me when I came across these two podcasts by Gary Reinl which I wanted to share with you.

He is known as the anti-ice man, a bit of a strange title I agree, but his work is very insightful. He basically asked himself the questions ‘after injury when should we use ice’ and ‘how did it come about that we use ice?’ He then went on a journey to find out the answers with some very surprising results.

I am at the beginning of reading his book and will write another update in part two of the ‘icing story’. But, in the meantime listen to either of this podcasts to learn some very interesting facts. You can choose from either a golf or triathlon based podcast so choose the one you are more interested in:


114: Are you still Icing? with Gary Reinl the “Anti-Iceman”

I’ll be back once I have trawled through his book.