Dry Needling with Karl Bevan: A Modern Take on Ancient Techniques

In the world of physiotherapy dry needling or medical acupuncture has been used to assist patients in their healing.  Karl Bevan, has integrated this technique into his treatment approach, offering a unique blend of traditional and modern methods to assist patients in their healing journey.

What is Dry Needling?
Dry needling, often mistaken for acupuncture, is a modern treatment technique wherein very fine needles are inserted into the muscles at specific points known as “trigger points.” The aim is to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve range of motion. Traditional Chinese acupuncture is based on improving the flow of Qi (energy) in the body. Dry needling stimulates sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles. As a result, the body produces natural pain-relieving substances like beta endorphin and endogenous opioids. Dry needling has also been shown to increase the blood flow, oxygen and important nutrients needed to help the healing process.      

Why Karl Bevan Advocates for Dry Needling

  1. Pain relief: One of the most significant advantages of dry needling is the relief it offers from pain and muscle stiffness.
  2. Enhances Other Treatments: Dry needling can act as an adjunct to other physiotherapy techniques. For example, after releasing a trigger point using dry needling, manual therapies and exercises may be more effective.
  3. Scientifically Backed: Research has shown positive outcomes in reducing pain and improving function with the use of dry needling.

How Karl Incorporates Dry Needling

Karl’s approach is holistic. He begins with a thorough assessment of the patient’s condition. If he identifies muscles that could benefit from dry needling, he discusses the option with the patient, ensuring they fully understand the process and potential benefits. Safety and comfort are paramount.


At The Physio Therapy Centre, we believe in offering a wide range of treatments to cater to the diverse needs of our patients. With Karl Bevan leading the way with his expertise in dry needling, we are proud to provide a comprehensive approach to physiotherapy. Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or seeking to enhance your physical well-being, our team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.