Dont rely on an X-ray with Hip Pain

Hi!  nothing for months and then wow!  2 in a week.

here we are again. Must be doing more reading these days.

What we have always known and is not often highlighted is that:

If you have hip pain doesn’t mean you’ll see anything on X-Ray and if you have hip changes on X-ray  doesn’t mean that you’ll have any pain.

Have a read of this:

It shows that just because you have Xray changes doesn’t mean you’ll have pain from it… and just because you have pain from it doesn’t mean you’ll have Xray changes.  And this applies to all your joints. If changes in your joints happen over a long period your body/brain does not see this as a problem that needs to highlighted to you then it doesn’t do anything about it. You feel nothing; just maybe some stiffness.  It is normal.

It is when changes occur quickly in the body that the warning system kicks in and the brain tells you that you need to do something about it. Move!, change what you are doing; its a protection mechanism that comes from when we were hunter-gatherers. What you are doing is harming me; change what you are doing and that will help. Stop stressing that knee…

Long term pain is another matter… we will discuss