Back pain myths Have a look at this story that was picked up by the BBC on the many myths that surround what to do about back pain.


Back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide, and in the UK it is one of the main reasons people miss work.

As with anything so common, myths have developed over time about what causes it and how best to deal with it.

It’s understandable why these misconceptions arise. Indeed, some would have been the accepted belief in healthcare circles before new evidence emerged to give us fresh insights.

So healthcare professionals have sometimes been guilty of perpetuating the myths; both with patients and in the media.

Why all of this matters is that they can cause fear among people with back pain that influences their behaviour.

We know that the best way to tackle back pain is to keep moving, but if fear stops people from doing that recoveries can be hindered, or even reversed.

Clinicians see the consequences of this fear every day. so the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has a new campaign aimed at busting these common myths.

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