Traditional acupuncture for better sleep and daytime energy

Restful sleep is essential to human life, health and wellbeing and it’s vital to restore and regenerate us, so our bodies and minds can work effectively in the daytime.

Insomnia is where someone is habitually unable to fall or stay asleep. This might be occasional or short lived, or it can become chronic.

For many people, increasingly busy and stressful lifestyles can make it much more difficult to switch off and relax properly. This makes it harder to fall asleep quickly, or to sleep soundly without waking up during the night. This might result in someone making do with less good quality sleep than they really need on a regular basis.

Not surprisingly, this unhelpful nightly pattern can lead to feeling tired and flat in the morning and becoming increasingly fatigued and drowsy as the day progresses.

People with a poor sleep pattern may start to pick up more colds and coughs than usual, have headaches, minor digestive problems, or start to snack more between meals, which can lead to putting on those extra pounds.

In terms of wellbeing, they might notice feeling more irritable or anxious than usual, or having trouble in concentrating properly at work and maybe becoming less interested in exercising, or doing other hobbies than previously.

A short course of traditional acupuncture can be very beneficial in promoting better relaxation of body and mind,supporting restful sleep and helping the body fight off minor ailments.

This leads to better levels of energy and vitality, which helps people to deal better with the stresses and strains of their busy lives and still feel like making some time for enjoyable activities.

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