The vaccine jab gets closer

We at the Physio Therapy Centre hope to be getting the vaccine jabs next week- we are on the list! It makes me feel that we are moving closer to a better place after what has been a tricky time for all.  This will be Jab 1.

I have been reading about getting Jab 1 and about delays to then getting Jab 2. Data from testing, together with knowledge about other vaccines suggest that any delay for Jab 2 should not make it less effective. Whether it’s the Pfizer or the Oxford Jab 2 should follow Jab 1 within about 28 days. A single dose of the Pfizer is about 85-90% effective but the evidence is not there for a single dose of the Oxford. However, there is good evidence of protection from about 12 days after the first injection for both vaccines.

Will delaying the second dose make the vaccine less effective overall?

Almost certainly not. During the Oxford/AstraZeneca trials there were logistical problems that meant some people had to wait longer for their second shots than expected. The efficacy of the vaccine was actually a bit better in those people who had to wait longer for their second dose, though these results were not statistically significant.

Do the two doses need to be from the same manufacturer?

Ideally yes, and it is the UK’s policy that people should receive the same product for their first and second immunisation

Précised from an article by Prof Paul Hunter