My Physio led Pilates classes this year; changes Covid has made

My Physio led Pilates classes this year.
Some things have changed with my Physio led Pilates classes this year, as we entered lockdown 2,  I took my classes onto Zoom and it has been really enjoyable. The feedback has been fantastic and the relaxation part works really well for people (I wasn’t quite sure if it would over Zoom) and all from the comfort of your own home!  I am still able to feedback and correct positions to those on screen. Many of my clients are loving that I send them a copy of the recording afterwards and they have it for 5 days. They can complete the class when it is convenient, repeat it or maybe go through a particular part of the session that is relevant for their rehab and take notes.  They have then been using a particular section or sequence in the class to focus on for a few weeks, until they have mastered the movements.
I am teaching from my home gym. Half is dedicated to Pilates, the other half is full of weights and gym equipment, sharing the space with my 2 teenage boys! I purchased a really good camera/mic/light system to make a good quality performance and recording.
I never thought I would do something like this, but it goes to show how we should all do things out of our comfort zone now and again!
Jayne Phillips
BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy, HCPC, MCSP, APPI